Literary Managers
Kippy Goldfarb, Ayida Mthembu
and Christian Schneider

Kippy Goldfarb has had a working studio in the Fort Point Channel area since 1987. She is both an actress and a photographer, performing and exhibiting nationally and internationally (as well as in the Boston and New England area.) She is delighted that Fort Point Stage has established a creative venue for regional theater here in the Fort Point area.

Ayida Mthembu is a Counseling Dean and a Housemaster at MIT. Although these are her official titles, she is a deeply involved and committed member of the MIT arts community. Ayida has a MFA in Screenwriting from the American Film Institute. She is a committed African-American community activist who, in addition to having worked in a number of community projects, is also a writer with a number of published poems, screenplays, stage plays, fiction and non-fiction. Ayida founded the Cambridge-based “Writers of Color” workshop,WMBR’s “We Speak” radio program and has worked on selection panels for the Bunting Institute and for MIT’s List Fellowship.

Christian Schneider lives in San Franisco where he works as an actor and director. He last directed The Loft, an adaptation of Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard written by Fort Point artist Jeff Smith.